Earning DFTL Tokens

In addition to in-game currency, Defitankland introduces DFTL tokens, a unique digital asset that can be earned through specific gameplay achievements.

Here's how you can earn DFTL tokens

  1. Weekly Player Rewards: Every week, you can earn DFTL tokens as a reward for playing well and staying active in the game. It's like a weekly bonus for your gaming skills.

  2. Guild Rewards: If you're part of a guild, you can get even more DFTL tokens. Guilds earn rewards for their teamwork, and those rewards are shared among guild members. Team up, earn tokens together!

  3. Special Round Prizes: Sometimes, there are special game rounds with big rewards. If you perform exceptionally in these rounds, you can win DFTL tokens as a special prize.

  4. Staking Rewards: For long-term gains, think about staking your DFTL tokens in your guild. Staking helps your guild get stronger and gives you rewards in ETH and extra DFTL tokens. The more you stake, the more you can earn.

How to Use DFTL Tokens:

Now that you have some DFTL tokens, here's how to make the most of them:

  1. New Tank NFT: Want a cool new tank? Use your DFTL tokens to create a fresh Tank NFT. It's like adding a new ride to your collection.

  2. Start a Guild: If you're feeling like a leader, spend your DFTL tokens to start your own guild. As the guild owner, you get to shape its future and make it awesome.

  3. Stake in Your Guild: Here's where you can make a big impact. By staking your DFTL tokens in your guild, you boost the guild's power and earn ETH and more DFTL tokens as rewards. It's a smart move for you and your guild.

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