Q1: How do I create an account in Defitankland?

A: To create an account, visit our platform website and follow the registration process. You'll need to have a Metamask wallet to securely log in to the game using your account username and password.

Q2: What platforms are supported for playing Defitankland?

A: Defitankland is available as a WebGL game that can be accessed directly on our platform website. Additionally, you can download the game from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to play on your mobile devices.

Q3: How can I earn in-game currency and rewards?

A: There are several ways to earn in-game currency (gold) and rewards in Defitankland. You can earn gold by completing missions, winning battles, participating in PvP tournaments, and achieving high rankings. Additionally, you can earn DFTL tokens through weekly top player rewards and weekly tournament rewards.

Q4: How do I upgrade my tanks and assets?

A: Upgrading tanks and assets in Defitankland is essential for enhancing your gameplay. You can use in-game currency (gold) to upgrade tanks, purchase potions, and improve various aspects of your gameplay. Additionally, engaging in gameplay activities and earning experience points (XP) will allow you to unlock higher-level upgrades and customization options.

Q5: Where can I trade and sell assets like NFT tanks and guild items?

A: Defitankland features a decentralized marketplace where you can trade and sell your in-game assets, including NFT tanks and guild items. Visit the marketplace within the game to browse listings, negotiate prices, and engage in secure and transparent transactions with other players.

These are just a few examples of common questions and support resources available to you in Defitankland. For more information and detailed assistance, please explore our community Channels or contact our support team directly. We're here to ensure your journey in Defitankland is enjoyable, rewarding, and hassle-free.

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