Mission and Vision of Defitankland


DeFiTankLand's mission is to redefine gaming with thrilling MMO tank battles, NFTs to preserve achievements, and income opportunities through blockchain..

At DeFiTankLand, we're on a mission to provide gamers with the ultimate MMO experience. We offer thrilling tank battles and strategic gameplay while also enabling players to preserve their achievements as NFTs.

Our goal is to empower players to earn revenue from their in-game efforts. We're redefining gaming by combining MMO excellence with blockchain innovation, all to build a vibrant and engaged gaming community.


Our vision is to establish a balanced and industry-standard model that fuses gaming and blockchain, setting a new benchmark for the gaming industry's future.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of pioneering a well-balanced and industry-standard model that seamlessly combines the gaming industry with blockchain technology.

We aim to set a new gold standard for the gaming world by:

  • Delivering a gaming experience that excites and engages players through well-crafted MMO tank battles, offering adrenaline-pumping action and endless opportunities for strategic gameplay.

  • Creating a secure and player-centric blockchain ecosystem where in-game achievements and assets are immortalized as NFTs, granting players true ownership and control over their digital possessions.

  • Providing players with innovative pathways to earn revenue from their gaming efforts, transforming the traditional gaming experience into a dynamic source of income.

  • Collaborating with industry leaders to establish standards and best practices that will shape the future of gaming, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accessibility for all.

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