Account creation and registration process

To access Defitankland, you need to create an account using Metamask, a popular digital wallet and Ethereum browser extension. Follow these steps to create your account

  • Visit the Platform's Website : Go to the official Defitankland website.

  • Install Metamask : If you don't have Metamask installed, you'll be prompted to download and install it. Visit the Metamask website and follow their instructions for installation.

  • Create a Metamask Account : Once Metamask is installed, open the extension and create a new account. Follow the prompts to set up your username and password.

  • Connect Metamask to Defitankland : Return to the Defitankland website and click on the "Create Account" button. Follow the authorization process to link your Metamask account to Defitankland.

Congratulations! You've created your account and linked it to Defitankland using Metamask.

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