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Let's dive into how you can make your mark on the game

1. Tank Leveling
  • Your tank is at the heart of your gaming journey. As you play battles and earn gold, you can use it to level up your tank.
  • Leveling your tank makes it more powerful, agile, and capable of taking on tougher opponents.
  • With each level, you unlock new abilities and enhance your tank's stats.
2. Guild Growth
  • If you're part of a guild, your guild can also progress. Guild growth is tied to the guild score, which is earned by you and your guildmates through in-game activities.
  • As your guild levels up, it unlocks various benefits, like producing energy potions and accessing powerful guild spell items.
3. Guild Spell Items
  • Speaking of guild spell items, they can also be customized and improved.
  • You can purchase guild spell items and allocate them to specific guild members to boost your guild's score and capabilities.
Utilizing Gold for Progression and Customization
The gold you earn in Defitankland serves multiple purposes, enabling you to enhance your gameplay experience and customize your assets.