Grow and Progress Together: Guild Benefits

Together, you and your guildmates are unstoppable!

Here's how guild membership fuels your growth and helps you advance in the game

Cooperative Gameplay

  • Teamwork is key! Guild members team up and play together in battle rounds, creating a synergy that's hard to beat.

  • Together, you strategize, coordinate, and defeat enemies more effectively. Shared Resources and Rewards:

Guilds are resource hubs

  • They produce valuable energy potions that can be used in battles or traded for gold.

  • Rewards earned from winning rounds or participating in guild activities are shared among members. Your success benefits the entire guild.

Guild Upgrades and Influence

  • Active participation in battles, missions, and other guild activities contributes to your guild's growth.

  • As the guild accumulates experience points, it levels up, unlocking additional features, upgrades, and advantages.

  • Watch your guild's influence expand as it becomes a formidable force within the DeFiTankLand universe.

With your guild by your side, you'll not only strengthen your tank and rise in the ranks but also contribute to your guild's rise to prominence in the game.

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