The DeFiTankLand V2 Token (DFTL) stands as the cornerstone of the DefiTankLand ecosystem. It serves as the primary currency, facilitating the acquisition of valuable NFT items and enabling trading within the DefiTankLand universe

Token Metadata

  • The total supply of the DFTL2 token is 2 million.

  • Token name is DeFiTankLand V2

  • Token symbol is DFTL2

Token Allocation

  • During the presale, 1 million tokens will be distributed to ensure a fair and inclusive token distribution process.

  • For liquidity purposes, 420k tokens were allocated to add liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

  • 100k tokens for the development team to support ongoing platform enhancements.

  • 200k tokens are reserved for marketing activities.

  • 200k tokens are reserved to reward players and stakers in the game.

  • 30k tokens are reserved to airdrop.

Token Utility

  • In-game Currency: DFTL serves as the primary currency for acquiring NFT items within the game and for trading on external marketplaces.

  • Staking System: DFTL tokens can be staked within guilds, providing stability to the ecosystem and offering stakers rewards.

  • Ecosystem Growth: 30% of the project's income is reinvested into the DFTL token ecosystem, ensuring its long-term sustainability and expansion

Token Auto-Liquidity Mechanism

  • The DFTL token incorporates a 3% trading fee on each trading transaction to maintain liquidity and reward ecosystem participants.

  • 1% of the trading fee is automatically used to add liquidity to DEXs, ensuring continuous liquidity and stability for token holders.

  • Another 1% of the trading fee is rewarded to stakers who stake on guild, incentivizing active participation in the game's economy.

  • The remaining 1% of the trading fee is allocated to platform development, supporting ongoing enhancements, updates, and the overall growth of DeFiTankland.

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