Tank selection and customization

In DeFiTankLand, mastering the art of tank selection and customization is pivotal to your success on the battlefield.

This guide will walk you through the various tank classes, spells, abilities, and progression, enabling you to make informed choices and create a formidable tank that suits your playstyle.

Tank Classes

Healix : A small tank with health recovery and area stun spells, ideal for supporting teammates.
Phantom: A small tank with hide and stun ballet spells, perfect for stealthy maneuvers and surprise attacks.
Guardstock: A medium tank specializing in team health recovery and enemy spell blocking, providing vital support to your squad.
Frostblitz: A medium tank armed with frozen ballet and area rocket spells, delivering potent area control and damage.
Ironclad: A heavy tank with speed-up and guard spells, excelling in frontline defense and mobility.
Blitzfire: A heavy tank equipped with fire rate speed-up and double firepower spells, designed for relentless offensive firepower.

Spells and Abilities


Tank's core attributes are including health, movement speed, fire rate, and firepower. Allocate points strategically to adapt your tank to your desired role.


Spells are your tactical tools, and each tank class comes with a set of unique spells.

Radiance: Increases your tank's health, bolstering its survivability. Daybreak: Stuns enemies in the area, disrupting their movements and attacks.

Daybreak: Stuns enemies in the area, disrupting their movements and attacks.

Conceal: Allows your tank to hide from enemies, enabling stealthy approaches. Flashshot: Fires a stunning bullet to immobilize opponents.

Flashshot: Fires a stunning bullet to immobilize opponents.

Group Mend: Recovers the health of your team's tanks, crucial for team survivability.

Counter Ward: Blocks enemy spells in a specific area, denying your foes their abilities.

Frostbite: Fires a frozen bullet to slow and weaken enemy tanks.

ExploShock: Launches a rocket in the area, causing widespread destruction.

Chargeup: Increases your tank's movement speed for strategic positioning.

Iron Wall: Activates a protective guard, reducing incoming damage.

Barrage: Speeds up your fire rate, unleashing a barrage of attacks.

Overcharge: Doubles your bullet damage, turning your tank into a formidable force.

Tank Progression

As you participate in battles and accomplish objectives, your tank will progress over time. Each level up grants you two points for ability upgrades, allowing you to fine-tune your tank's attributes.

The maximum tank level is 50, and you can allocate up to 50 points per ability, enhancing your tank's effectiveness in your chosen role.

Spell power improves every 5 levels, making your spells increasingly potent.

Champion Badges

In special Weekly Round events, the winning tank is awarded a champion badge. Each champion badge provides an additional 2 points for ability upgrades, enabling your tank to gain a competitive edge in customization.

With this knowledge of tank classes, spells, abilities, and progression, you are now equipped to make informed decisions about tank selection and customization. Tailor your tank to your preferred playstyle, adapt to your team's needs, and evolve your tank into a formidable force on the battlefield.

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