NFTs: Storing Player Effort

Each NFT holds significant value and represents players' dedication and progress within the game.


  • Tanks are the heart and soul of DeFiTankLand. You can acquire and customize various types of Tanks, each with its unique attributes and capabilities.

  • These Tanks aren't just tools for gameplay, they are valuable assets. You can trade or sell them on the marketplace, turning your Tanks into treasures.


  • Factories are another type of NFT that players can own and manage. They act as productive assets, generating valuable resources and items.

  • You can upgrade your Factories to boost their productivity, which contributes to your overall progression in the game.

  • Importantly, a Factory's production rate is influenced by the guild it's associated with. Guilds play a significant role in the production of potions, enhancing the cooperative aspect of the game.

Guild Items

  • Guild Items are specialized NFTs that directly tie into guild gameplay. You can purchase Guild Items and lend them to your guild, giving your guildmates enhanced abilities and bonuses.

  • The level of Guild Items grows in sync with your guild's progression, making them valuable assets for both individual players and their guilds.

  • These items are a testament to your guild's collective effort and success.

In DeFiTankLand, NFTs store not only your in-game assets but also your hard work and achievements. Tanks, Factories, and Guild Items are your keys to both personal growth and cooperative success within the game's universe.

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