Defitankland has an exciting roadmap ahead, outlining the key milestones and developments planned for the game. Here is a glimpse into the future of Defitankland

Phase 1: Game Development and Launch - 2023

  • Q1 : Initial development and design of the game mechanics, tank models, and game modes.

  • Q2 : Alpha testing phase with a select group of players to gather feedback and make necessary improvements.

  • Q3 : Beta testing phase to further refine the gameplay experience and address any remaining issues.

  • Q4 : Rolling out the official launch of Defitankland to the public, accessible through the webgl platform.

Phase 2: Expansion and Feature Enhancements - 2024

  • Q1 : Introduction of additional tank models, each with unique abilities and characteristics, expanding the choices available to players.

  • Q2 : Implementation of new game modes, including team-based battles, capture-the-flag, and cooperative missions, to provide diverse and engaging experiences.

  • Q3 : Going mobile with a public mobile version for worldwide player adoption.

  • Q4 : Integration of virtual reality (VR) capabilities, allowing players to experience Defitankland in a whole new dimension.

Phase 3: Global Expansion - 2025

  • Q1 : Enhancement of the graphics and visual effects to deliver a more immersive and visually stunning gameplay environment.

  • Q2 : Localization efforts to cater to a global audience, translating the game into multiple languages to ensure accessibility and inclusivity.

  • Q3 : Hosting of esports tournaments and competitive events, showcasing the skills of top players and offering substantial prize pools.

  • Q4 : Continued updates, improvements, and expansion based on player feedback and market trends, ensuring a thriving and evolving gaming experience.

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